Officer Darren Wilson: A National Hero

Ah, America.

Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department was recently “no-billed” in the “Mike Brown Case.” In the State of Missouri, he’s vindicated. Federally (especially with a black AG & President) he could still potentially face federal civil rights violations. This is a huge longshot, but I wouldn’t put anything past the Obama cronies.

These people kill each other by the dozens in every city across America every single day of the year. Even holidays. Yet as soon as someone that is not African-American comes along, and stands up to these felonious thugs, they become a national villain. Race comes into play and instantly all blacks unite behind Al Sharpton & Benjamin Crump to voice how the white folks are making it impossible to live in peace or get justice. What a crock of shit!

99% of African-American homicides stem from black-on-black crime. However, a good percentage of white folks who are murdered have the offense committed by someone of another race (non-white). Yet “Saint Brown,” the pinnacle of their voice and movement, is held up on a pedastal as a martyr and declared a national fucking hero. Another real crock of shit. I don’t think racewar is real in America. I think blacks just like to find a cause and a reason to justify looting, criminal behavior, and rioting. Ferguson was nearly destroyed by handfulls of black criminals who committed arson and murder in their own backyards. No Justice, No Peace? Give me a fucking break!

Mike Brown is the new Trayvon Martin. That’s it. With new “Stand Your Ground” laws laying stagnant, these criminals will keep on getting the vindication they so desire when it comes to their crimes.

The National Guard failed in Missori they actually let people loot, riot, and destroy property. Probably a political pressure appoint applied by Obama and Holder. The same protesters, looters, and rioters were arrested numerous times and not held or prosecuted. Just given a citation. I think we should enter every one of those names into a database federally and go after them. But hey. Don’t wanna upset Sharpton or “Big Mike’s” homies…

Regardless of what anyone thinks. Darren Wilson is free. George Zimmerman is free. And a group of RANDOMLY SELECTED people decided in both cases that no wrongdoing or crime was committed. So let it go. Or don’t. Nobody of significance really cares what you do.

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Browns Still Suck at 6-4, Last Place…

The Cleveland Browns Suck! They are not a contender! They had you all fooled (unfortunately including me)! I’m sick of Hoyer and his lackadaisical bullshit. Get rid of him and worthless Ben Tate! Here comes last place! And 6-10 as expected from these egg-laying bums from the shores of Lake Erie and the anus of The “burning” shit-waste infested Cuyahoga River… Boooo you motherfuckers! Boooooooooooooo! A home loss in playoff contention against 3 fucking good players? You should be ashamed of yourselves you embarassing bunch of anti-team bums! You all and coach Pettmydick can all go sink into the fucking lake and drown! Give Johnny the keys for years to come… Even if he’s not the answer or not ready… Who gives a fuck? Its better than watching these disappointing bunch of clowns in shitstain colored attire every week bomb because of bums like Brian Hoyer. Fuck this. I’m going to go watch the Panthers be bums.

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Things Are Weird Right Now…

So, Ferguson, Missouri is on fire. Who really cares? Let them destroy themselves. The grand jury will be rendering a verdict in their decision whether to charge or not charge Officer Darren Wilson for the self-defense shooting of Michael Brown, a common thug like Trayvon Martin.

In other news, the Browns, 6-3, are in 1st place in the AFC North for Week 11 which has them facing the 4-5 Texans at home. This could be a tricky game for them as they get back Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon, but may not have the NFL’s leader in interceptions, Tushaun Gipson. Gipson took a knee to the head (concussion) and may sit out Sunday. It’s exciting to say the least as we watch Lebron start to warm up to the Cavs, and now the Browns are possibly making a playoff push. We’ll see!

I hereby apologize to Brian Hoyer. He’s legit. Manziel can wait… Sorry to #BrownsTwitter as well as I’ve ranted on them a few good times…

So Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is almost here. It’s cold as ice with the years first “polar vortex.” Football is in full swing. Don’t get Ebola.

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