The Browns Suck, Yet Again!

The 3-2 Browns lost 24-6 today to the winless 0-6 Jaguars. It was a pathetic showing. Jacksonville has become more of a rival than any AFC North team to the Browns over the years. Jacksonville won for the first time since beating Houston on Dec. 15, 2013. Fucking pathetic.

Here is what is important…
Hoyer Sucked: 16-41… That’s all I’ll say. That isn’t championship level quarterback play, as is inscribed in the Berea complex the Browns call home…

Johnny Time: Yep, intelligent folks are sick of Hoyer. Anyone with football knowledge knows this guy is a bum in disguise. What will it take to get Johnny in this game for good. Hoyer is a career backup. Only the Browns could pathetically make him look mediocre.

Pettine Needs Fired If It Continues Past Today (Losing To Winless Teams): His coaching was pathetic and sub par today.

Fans: Fans supporting this mediocre bullshit fest on twitter sicken me. Stop it

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The Browns Look Terrible!

Well. It’s a new season. Same old situation though. Quarterback dilemma in Cleveland. No Browns season would be complete without one right? This one just got worse. Brian Hoyer sucks. He’s buckled under the pressure of being in the Manziel shadow. Manziel in the meantime is busy making terrible decisions. Not looking good scrambling. Taking hits. And oh yeah, he flipped off the Redskins on national tv during Monday Night Football on ESPN. Sigh.

Both Hoyer & Manziel combined for complete suckery. I’m not even going to post the statistics. They sucked. Meanwhile Connor Shaw impressed. Ole’ “Trickshot” made quite an impression with a hail mary. Our hopes were quickly dashed of course by poor coaching decisions. I don’t blame Pettine for ending the game though. Don’t want to get an unnecessary injury in garbage time (overtime in a preseason game). They went for the 2-point conversion and failed… and lost.

So now the dust is settling, we are awaiting Josh Gordon’s dropfest to be replaced by a year long suspension. Yep, things are lookin in up for the new exciting season of football here in wasteland. I mean Cleveland. Wonder what Lebron is up to today? I don’t even care. The defense looked good. Well, except for the most important aspect of it, the secondary. Defensive backs were smoked all night long. Royce Adams is about as NFL ready as I am to play cornerback. So they don’t look good. Not good enough to warrant the optimism I felt just 3 short months ago when we drafted “Johnny Football.” I feel like the usual mid-season failure is already upon us before it even begins. I hope I’m just being pessimistic. Which would be a huge surprise, wouldn’t it? 2 more preseason games to go…

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Browns Lose Pre-Season Opener to Lions, Hoyer Bumbles, Manziel Shines

Ah, it wouldn’t be Cleveland without controversy and perpetual loss of hope. The Factory of Sadness hasn’t been mentioned in a while, has it? Well, here I am mentioning it again. Let’s hear it…

The Offense: Overall, parts of the offense looked crisp. Running Backs West & Tate looked good. Dion Lewis is back again, that was good to see. The receivers… oh the receivers. They just aren’t there. Let’s hope Miles Austin can save us.. Oh yeah and Andrew Hawkins. I doubt it though.

Jordon Cameron still has a hurt shoulder. He’ll be out until a later date not released yet. They say it isn’t serious, but it doesn’t help he’s currently negotiating an extension with the Browns front office.

The Offensive Line looked pretty good. Never was a huge concern anyhow if you ask me.

Manziel looked good. Thank goodness. I was nervous for him because the sports media world is just circling like sharks waiting to feast on his failure and demise. It didn’t go down that way, but then again, Brandon Weeden looks like Joe Montana in the Cowboy’s Preseason… So don’t get excited.

What I’m concerned about is Brian Hoyer. He looked very bad. Overthrowing isn’t something we should be seeing out of him repeatedly at this juncture. But oh well. We’ll see.

The Defense looked ok. I’d give them 3 of 5 stars on this day… Mingo had a lackluster showing with a few bursts of magic. The secondary looked pretty bad, but mind you mostly this was 2nd & 3rd stringers for a major part of the game. The Browns and Mike Pettine kept the rotation fluid.

All in all, The Browns lost. Next game on Monday Night Football vs. The Redskins in Preseason Game 2, should shed more light on the Quarterback situation. At this point, I believe Manziel is ahead of Hoyer slightly.

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